Aeisha Reese

Aeisha Reese is a native of Flint, MI and has lived in New York for nine years. Shortly, upon moving to NYC to sign her contract with a Broadway show, she faced several health complications with Crohn’s Disease and lost her small intestines, which slowed down her performing arts career. She didn’t let those complications stop her.  In fact, she was inspired to create a support group and ministry that uses the arts as a tool to inspire and uplift patients, revealing that they have the power to overcome any diagnosis presented to them through the Spirit of Christ. This was birthed at Mt. Sinai Hospital and has recently expanded throughout all the boroughs  of NYC, across the country, including the international community. The support group and ministry birthed another movement and brand called, Miracles Work, which strives to provide Evidence of God’s existence through Miraculous transformations. She received her intestinal transplant on May 19, 2019!


Within her time living in the Big Apple, Aeisha has had the privilege to work with The Phoenix Theatre Ensemble as both a teaching artist and actress, recently being invited as an official resident artist. She has worked with Bob Cline Casting as a lead through a contract with Busch Gardens, toured with Congolese African Dance Company: Fusha Dance, and has recently been in close ties with Jeffery Dreisbach of McCorkle Casting. Additionally, she was signed with Access Talent Inc. - a VO Acting Agency, which has been a huge blessing.  Her voice has been heard on National TV, radio and internet with  Target, Fisher Price, Burger King, Reddit and LeviXTarget to name a few.  Aeisha is ecstatic to be joining A Bronx Show and Tell !

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