D-Nasty ThaMasta

D-Nasty ThaMasta was born Dave Bernard Jackson, Jr. on November 6, 1992, in White Plains, NY. The Mount Vernon native has had a strong interest in the genre of Hip-Hop since the age of 4, citing his cousins as the ones who took him under their wings to start rapping, after watching them rhyme amongst each other. But the main influence/coach on him through it all would be his father. “It’s like they were the ones I rapped with & sparred with & they would be in awe & make suggestions. But it was my pops who would always challenge me & make me think about why I wanna do this in the first place & what kind of story was I gonna tell,” says D-Nasty, who remembers it being a little annoying to constantly be asked these questions as a young child. But as he got older, he’s beyond thankful & understanding of the importance of that seed that was to be planted in his head from early on.

D-Nasty is best described as “A Walking, Living, Breathing Statement.” D-Nasty is an acronym that stands for “Didn’t Nobody Anticipate Sucha Talented Youth, considered to be “ThaMasta (The Master) Of His Abilities.” He first stepped into the NYC Underground Scene in May 2008, at the age of 15, taking part in the 2nd Annual Rapathon— An event where over 125 emcees were teamed up & had to rap for at least 90 seconds at a time, without profanity or stopping & lasted for 25 hours straight, entering The Guinness Book Of World Records that year. Almost as expected, it was his father who found out about the event & threw him in it. Since then, he’s competed in various competitions around NYC, such as “Rapathon’s 3-6,” “Spittin’ In Da Wip,” “Freestyle Monday’s” & “Supreme BARs, all of which he’s obtained multiple victories & fast become a fan favorite. In May 2018, he first stepped into “The Dojo,” internationally known as “Legendary Cyphers” during their 6th Season & on November 5th, 2021, he was inducted into the fold as an official member of the team. Keep your eyes open & your ears clear for the emcee/producer, D-Nasty ThaMasta.

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