Delvon Jae

Hi, I'm Delvon Jae! Born and raised by my lovely mom in Baltimore, MD. Where arts and crafts throughout my childhood weren't just a hobby or a taboo. As soon as it was time, I fled the nest to Philadelphia, PA to pursue my lifetime dream of being an artist - precisely, a fashion designer. Growing and conforming into a compassionate young lady, I multitasked with new beginnings and completed a 4-year program at The Art Institute in Philadelphia. Life after college has taught me to become more disciplined because outside of it, there aren't any professors for assignments or a curriculum to follow. It's all self-discipline and drive. Spiralling upward, I shortly began my lifestyle loungewear brand, CheckmatexDelvonJae. I've always loved the concept of chess and how strategic you have to be to accomplish the game. I took that same concept and adapted it to life. 

One day I received an email that checked off another bullet point on my childhood goals list. Living life in the city of Brotherly love where I have met some of my dearest friends who are now stamped on my heart, I traveled again, to the road up ahead to the Great Apple. Pursuing the purpose of creating even further. 

Currently, I am an art designer and in most recent times, I've declared modeling and acting as another form of my artistry. I am passionate about the earth, comfortability, and people. Putting my B.A.S. studies to use, my brand is based on the emotional impact of others by making people feel better, by feeling great in their skin. I create pieces that promote longevity and wellness. This movement is endorsing less buyer consumption of fast fashion and lessening landfill wastage, which will later produce better air quality and humanity. All the while complementing your style to say, Checkmate, Game Over.

My motivation for a better tomorrow starts with the person I am within. I encourage you, too, to pursue your dreams and live up to your full capacity!

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