Michael Crisol aka Doctor Brick

Michael Crisol, aka Doctor Brick, is a beatboxer, born and raised in the Bronx. As of 2022, Doctor Brick is ranked as one of the top beatboxers in the US. He has been competitively beatboxing since 2016 in cities all over North America, including Boston, Atlanta, New York, and Toronto. Some of these battles include the American Beatbox Championships, East Coast Beatbox Battle, and the Great North Beatbox Battle. In a number of these competitions, he tackles the tag team division with his partner, Alex P, as the duo known as Snakes and Ladders. Outside of the competitive scene, Brick performs with New York's premiere hip hop improv group, North Coast, blending hip hop with improv comedy. He can also be seen jamming all over NYC with his band: Molly, for Now.

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