Faneca Banks

Fan Banks a New York native has always had a vision to be her best authentic self. Her passion for modeling came to her when she watched Paris fashion week on the style network in the living room floor of her childhood home for the first time. Watching these beautiful designs come to life by the model wearing it. Taking on a new persona with a snap of a quick outfit change. From that day on she became obsessed and catwalked all over her house. Fans parents and family supported her through her teens raising enough money to travel to L.A in hopes to expand her career.  But she faced hardships and racism on that trip. But her mothers words inspired her to never give up. As she traveled back to New York she still chased those goals. Fan had the opportunity to walked in her first fashion show at 15 years old. From that moment on Fan has been infront of a camera on many runways ever since.

Landing her first billboard with footlocker in 2022 she knows how capable she is. Everyday striving to be her best self in hopes that it motivates others to accomplish whatever goals they have as well.

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