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Me Gritaron Negra

Written by:

Victoria Santa Cruz

On June 19th, 2021, Ashley Antonia Lopez had the honor of performing "Me Gritaron Negra" by Victoria Santa Cruz at Black Wall Street Gallery's block party.


Directed by:

Yhá Mourhia Wright

In the aftermath of being evicted from their Harlem apartment, three social late bloomers on the cusp of self-discovery, navigate the frenzied and tumultuous rollercoaster of life in gentrified Brooklyn.

Stages of Love

Curated by:

Envision Artist Company Inc.

“Stages of Love” is a revolutionary experience where women of color will be taking the audience on a rollercoaster of emotions, expressed as the five stages of love; Bliss, Lust, Disillusionment, Transformation, and Self-Reflection. 

Time XII

Curated by:

Signdance Collective

I was part of 28 solo artists that came together to make Time Pieces. The Time Project has received The Kat Award from Together 2012/Crossing Borders Festival 2020.

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Directed by:

Ron Dowes Jr.

When Jacob loses his dog Rory during a hike in the woods, he journeys deeper into the woods to find him. Eventually he finds some help, but is it the help he needs?

The Casting Call

Directed by:

Ron Downes Jr.

It is comedy skit regarding to casting call, and how many different ways it can go wrong. Ashley played Amy Eagleston, an actress, that was more interested in seducing the male casting director than booking the gig.

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