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I created a theater company called XX Theater Company LLC. X|X Theater Company LLC is a Bronx based platform that uses devised theater, film and movement to empower Latine and BIPOC artists to speak their truth, unapologetically.

I am creating a documentary called "How Black Men Love?" I am in the process of finding at least 20 Black Men to interview. The mission of this film is to show that Black men are human. I want to show the audience that Black Men have love languages and they are trying their best every single day. I will show their strength, vulnerability, honesty, and humanity through movement, digital art,  poetry. This film will reiterate that Black Men are human; therefore, they  have the right to love, they have the right to feel and they have the right to be alive.

All proceeds will go into paying the BIPOC artists, costumes, online platform, film space, film equipments.