Virtual Open Creative Night

Envision Artist Company Inc. hosts a VIRTUAL CREATIVE NIGHT via Zoom. 19 performers came together to celebrate Juneteenth and Black voices. I was one of those 19 performers who performed, and I performed "Me Gritaron Negra" by Victoria Santa Cruz. The event was similar to an open mic.

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“An Immersive Theatrical Journey to Fight Human Trafficking”

Playful Substance and LifeWay Network will join forces to offer the public an immersive theatrical experience as part of Playful Substance's ongoing Good Works Series. This event will mark Human Trafficking Awareness Month by introducing audiences to the realities of trafficking and the structures that support it while also celebrating the resilience and power of women survivors.


After hitting rock-bottom, a clinically depressed sex addict reconnects with his estranged Nuyorican family–a tumultuous reunion, resulting in the unintentional outing of a closeted family member.


Locker Room Talk

Out of all my performances, nothing brought the “wow” factor quite like this one. After spending weeks preparing for this role and setting my own expectations extremely high, I was eager and excited to get out there and perform. The reaction from audiences has been incredible, and I received excellent feedback from critics.