Ashley Antonia Lopez is an Afro-Latina Actress from Bronx, New York. At the age of thirteen, she first fell in love with theatre because there was nothing like getting adrenaline before stepping on the stage. Ashley loves how easily she can get lost within the character when she is on stage. Therefore, Ashley pursued theatre by attending Pace University and graduating with a degree in BA Devised Theatre. Through her amazing acting program, she had the opportunity to learn how to create original pieces with other artists. As well, she had the chance to perform in the Sibiu International Theatre Festival.

Ashley’s acting program prepared her for devised and immersive plays, in which she was able to apply her skills to 3/Fifths. 3/Fifths was written by James Scruggs and she had the privilege to be directed by Tamilla Woodard. In addition, Ashley performed in a devised/immersive piece named “The Female Role Model Project”, at TheatreLab.

Furthermore, Ashley had the opportunity to dip her toes in series/film, and she am falling in love with it. #LOVEMYROOMIE was the first webseries, which it is now on Amazon Prime. She enjoyed the communal environment amongst her cast members. Also, “The Casting Call” was her first short film experience and I enjoyed being on camera. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she performed, choreographed and co-directed "Stages of Love" with Envision Artist Company Inc.


Now, she has created a company called X|X Theater Company LLC to empower Latinx and BIPOC artists to tell their truth, unapologetically.